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Here's to new beginnings...

Hi, and welcome!

I always find it awkward when asked to introduce myself because I never know how to start off or what to include. Anyways, here it goes...

My name is Hassanatu! I was born in Conakry, Guinea and as a child, my family moved around a lot. I lived in Liberia and Sierra Leone during my first decade, then I moved to Sydney, Australia. I lived there for a couple of years until I moved to the United States in 2010. Currently, I live in Maryland with my mom and recently graduated from the illustrious Bowie State University. I majored in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Social Justice. When I am not cramming for the GRE or preparing for Graduate School, I am free writing. I don't have any talents that I know of, well except for writing. It is a passion of mine, a part of who I am actually. In school, I always enjoyed doing research and writing term papers.

I decided to start this blog to voice my deepest thoughts and bring out the fears I have safely kept hidden in my mind and iPhone Notes. Life As I Know It is the culmination of 25 years of getting to know myself and how I relate to others. My journey has been anything but linear, so expect a variety of expressions here! The purpose of bringing forth my most profound reflections to a public forum is to gain a more in-depth insight into my unfamiliar potentials. I want my writing to inspire others to be vulnerable and brave. This blog will outline my life, opinions, mistakes, and lessons that I believe I've learned in my 25 years. On some days, you’ll read stories about my affirmations and most often, I’ll just be answering questions that my soul asks. With this blog, I am trying to build a memoir that I will read when I'm 65. Reflecting on the life I've ever known, while also connecting with individuals that are trying to figure themselves out. Life As I Know It will be a safe place, and an outlet for everyone to share their feedback.

My other hobbies include traveling, cooking, dancing, singing, photography and a new profound love for painting.

As time goes, you will get to know me on a personal level. This website serves as my most comfortable space where I will unapologetically share the version of myself I wake up to every day.

I hope you subscribe and follow me on this journey.

Love Hassanatu xo

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